Extremities: Knee and foot & ankle problems

At Ruoholahden Kiropraktikkoasema we have Finland´s only CCEP (Certified Chiropractic Extremities Practioner) Samantha Buchanan, who specializes in treatment of the extremities/ limbs.
Hip           Shoulders
Elbows     Wrists
Knees       Feet (see orthotic section)

Sometimes irritation of the nerve as it exists the spine or travels though the tissues of the body will cause pain or tingling/ numbness in the limbs (radiating pain). Sometimes pain in the limb/ extremity is due to referred pain from the muscles (referred pain). Sometimes pain in the limb/ extremity can have a local cause.

The cause of the pain, is, naturally very important to be located and treated, book an appointment with us to find the source of your pain.

Every joint in the body is made up of at least 2 bones whose surfaces need to align optimally in order for the joint to work properly and therefore place least stress on the surrounding tissues (tendons, ligaments and/or muscles).

If the joint in not correctly/optimally aligned the muscles, tendons and supporting structures of the joint must overwork to protect the joint. These supporting tissues then get more easily overtired and overworked (and painful!), creating chronic muscle strains, overuse syndromes, tendinitis syndromes to name but a few…

This principle is relevant for any of the extremity joints from the wrist to the ankle.

This is where we can often help painful and unresolved chronic shoulder, hip foot & ankle, elbow and wrist problems. Treatment will always involve appropriate rehabilitation exercises to help you get better more quickly.

For example, there are 4 joints in the shoulder, the sternoclavicular (SC), the acromoclavicular (AC), the glenohumeral (GH) and where the shoulder blade adheres to the rib cage. If you suffer a sprain/injury to one of these joints, for example the right SC (which can be done by excessive pulling by a dog or child on arm, a throwing action, sleeping in a bad position or overstretching the joint in a sport or activity), the other shoulder joints will very cleverly try to help the injured joint by overworking.

This is turn will put an excessive work load on the tendons and muscles that stabilize the shoulder (The Rotator cuff) and commonly over time this will create a tear or inflammation of the tendons (tendinitis). Sometimes if it is a chronic situation, you may experience pain in the joints of the elbow or wrist as they help with compensation.

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