Postural correction

Almost everyone would like to improve their posture!
The importance of good posture cannot be overstressed… poor posture puts so much stress on many of the body's tissues There are many different “bad “ postures, many different causes and many different techniques and advice to help.

At Ruoholahden kiropraktikkoasema, we will always address your posture. We aim to make your body as bilaterally symmetrical and as upright as possible for your particular body type. We will discuss with you the difference between postural problems and structural (underlying) problems and show you the reason in your case.

Asymmetrical movement of the joints results in asymmetrical contraction and strength of the supporting tissues, leading to imbalance and problems of the joints, muscles and tendons. We will look at your posture starting from your feet all the way to your top of your head, and address any issues we find on the way!

We will do this by treating your spine and extremity joints with chiropractic manipulation and advise you of specific postural and rehabilitation exercises aimed at where you need it most.

The most common postural problem we see daily is ANTERIOR HEAD CARRIAGE, common in today's over sitting (office) lifestyle. We are encountering a new type of postural problem also presenting prematurely in the younger generation due to mobile phone over use.

Book an appointment and let us put you on a straighter path!!

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