Hip and pelvic pain and stiffness / imbalances

Chiropractic can help you with problems other than your back. Many people both old and young suffer from hip pain. Where does this pain come from?

Your hip may be worn and there may be problems in the joint itself (osteoarthritis), the primary cause for this is hereditary factors. This degeneration may change the way you walk because the hip joint does not move as well as it should, which leads to muscle imbalance around the hip, which can cause a lot of pain and stiffness.

The hip´s protective cushion may become inflammed (hip bursitis) which often causes pain when walking, and sometimes even when sitting. This condition can be treated locally and also by treating the relative position of the hip and pelvis, which takes the pressure off the surrounding tissues.
Hip bursitis may also be caused from the way that you walk which will also be assessed, and corrected, if necessary. This is often the case for hip pain when jogging/ running.

In some cases the low back or sacro- iliac joints may cause hip pain. This results from asymmetry in the movement of the lower back and pelvis, leading to muscular tension and a lot of pain which can spread into the buttock or into the leg (for example piriformis syndrome).

Your hip and pelvis will be assessed and treated by our chiropractors who aim to treat the cause of the pain and not just your symptoms, giving you advice on how to correct the aggravating factors and balancing the muscles with treatment and home exercises.

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